Our Process

Our process is simple yet comprehensive, making it as easy as possible for you to work with us.

Site details sent to acquisition manager

A description, map and plans (PDF and CAD) of the site location are sent to the relevant Acquisition Manager for initial screening.

Site operator decided

Whoever is due to operate the site (KFC (GB) company operations or one of our Franchise partners) will be responsible for the property deal.

Site visit by AQM or franchisee

Depending on the outcome of the previous step, either our Acquisition Manager or the Franchisee visits the site to assess its potential (including location, access, egress and possible planning issues etc.)

Is this site any good for KFC?
Yes label

Negotiation terms agreed

All Terms and Conditions of the property proposal are agreed, including leasehold/freehold, lease length, access rights, signage, insurance and many more.
KFC's construction department produces proposed site layouts and costings for approval.

Site owner informed

No further action required.

KFC board approval

The KFC Board assesses the deal and grants formal approval to proceed with solicitors’ instructions and planning applications.

Do the Board approve?
Yes label

Planning submission

For freehold, KFC prepares, submits and runs the submission. For leasehold, this is normally the responsibility of the developer or landlord. However KFC are happy to provide this service subject to agreement of fees.
Formal instruction to KFC solicitors to negotiate the legal documents.

Site owner informed

No further action required.

Exchange contracts

Approved legal documents are signed and exchanged.