Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer to your question here, please contact us. If your question is property related and you cannot find the answer here, please contact the relevant area Acquisition Manager.

How do I get a franchise?

Please visit the KFC franchise website at

Are you interested in my shop?

KFC's facility of choice is a Drive-Thru restaurant which requires a minimum of 0.45 acres. Although in some circumstances we will consider other facility types, this will depend on the size and location of the building – please see our 'What Are We Looking For' and 'Where We Want To Be' pages for more information.

What is your land take/plot size for Drive-Thru?

For a solus site we require a minimum of 0.45 acres, although this can be reduced when part of a development and sharing car parking.

What size of buildings do you require?

2648 sqft (246sqm) or 3035 sqft (282sqm) are our ideal footprints.

Where are you looking for new store opportunities?

Please refer to our Where We Want To Be page or type your post code or town into the search box at the top of this page.

KFC's are all franchised, aren't they?

No. Approximately 75% are operated by Franchisees and 25% are operated by KFC GB Ltd, For more information on franchising refer to our franchise website.

How much does a Drive-Thru shell cost to build?

This depends on a number of factors including site size, ground conditions, availability and proximity of services/utilities etc. As a guide only: excluding Fees, Services and all external works, assume approximately £350k (this assumes average ground conditions).

Will you sit alongside competition?

Yes. At KFC, we are confident that our great tasting food offers fantastic value, whomever it is compared to!

Will you do a non Drive-Thru?

KFC's facility of choice is a Drive-Thru restaurant, although in exceptional circumstances we will consider other facility types, but this will depend on the local demographics, traffic flows, the size and location of the building – Please see our 'What Are We Looking For' and 'Where We Want To Be' pages for more information.

How much do you pay for a site?

KFC pays market rates to secure great sites - whether this is on a rental or freehold purchase basis.

Do you prefer Freehold or Leasehold?

KFC is extremely flexible in this regard and will take either freehold, long leasehold or leasehold. We can even build the shell and acquire planning/change of use for you (subject to an agreed capital contribution) if you prefer.

How many car spaces do you need?

Our ideal requirement is 30 spaces for the 2648sqft DT and 40 spaces for the 3035sqft DT but can be flexible on accepting shared (cross rights) areas of parking. We do require dedicated delivery bay, disabled spaces and a minimum of two waiting bays.

Will it be a Franchise or Company site?

KFC has a long and rich heritage in the UK and Ireland, having traded for over 50 years. We have a simple allocation process to quickly determine if a potential site will be operated by KFC (GB) Ltd or a Franchise partner. Please see the ' Our Process' page for more information. 

Do you give parent company guarantees?

No, it's not our policy to offer these. Our Franchise partners are well proven and established organisations and don't need our financial support. Their covenant is accepted by many major institutional landlords throughout the UK and Ireland.

Will KFC build it even if you rent it?

KFC is extremely flexible in this regard. We can build the shell and acquire planning/change of use for you and still rent it from you if you prefer (subject to an agreed capital contribution).

How much does it cost to be a Franchisee?

For information on franchises, please click on the 'Looking For a Franchise Opportunity' link on the Home and Contact us pages.

Will you obtain the planning consent?

Yes we can run the planning application process if it's a freehold site or assist on a leasehold basis. On an individual and collective basis we are the most experienced team within the sector - having a combined quick service restaurant experience in excess of 100 years.

Are you flexible on design?

Whilst we do have ideal asset designs (see our What We Are Looking For) we fully understand that developers, land-owners and Planning Authorities do have particular requirements and we are able to adapt our standard designs.

How long does it take from agreeing a deal to opening?

KFC can proceed as fast as the landlord or vendor wants to go! Assuming that we use our standard legal process and that KFC submits and runs the planning application, then we'd aim to have the site under contract (subject to planning consent and ground investigations) in three months, and planning consent achieved after a further three months. We often choose to submit the planning application earlier to accelerate the process.

Do you pay finder's fees for introducing a site?

Yes we pay generous finder's fees for recognised introductions - £20,000 for DT sites and £12,500 for food courts/restaurants.*

*Fees only paid to property professionals on unconditional exchange. Valuation/negotiation advice and monthly updates required to remain eligible.